Felician University Athletic Training Room

ABBEY FALLON, Head Athletic Trainer
TBA, Assistant Athletic Trainer
DR. OSCAR VAZQUEZ, Team Physician (Active Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, LLC)
(201) 559-3502
(201) 559-3553 FAX

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The Felician University athletic training room is located in the Joal & Joe Job Gymnasium on the Rutherford campus. It is staffed by three full-time, licensed, board-certified athletic trainers.


PLEASE NOTE - IF you subscribe to the University's insurance, information is available at www.BobMcCloskey.com.

If your son/daughter is currently taking medication for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), please click on the following: NCAA Banned Drugs and Medical Exceptions Policy. This page will provide guidelines regarding medical reporting for student-athletes taking prescribed stimulants for ADHD. It is the responsibility of the student-athlete and their family to provide all supporting documentation to the Felician Athletic Training Room regarding ADHD medications that the student-athlete consumes. This information should be sent to the address above, along with the medical forms listed above.

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