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The mission of the athletics compliance office of Felician University is to assist students, coaches, faculty, and staff with fulfulling the Catholic/Franciscan mission of Felician University and Felician athletics while operating within institutional, conference, and NCAA compliance guidelines.


Questions about anything on this page or any other aspect of Felician University athletics compliance should be directed to Andrew Toriello, associate director of athletics, at (201) 559-3185 or TorielloA@felician.edu.  


If you plan to participate on one of Felician University's athletics teams, or that of any other Division I or II institution, you have to be a qualifier with the NCAA Eligibility Center.NCAA Eligibility Center

To become a qualifier:

  • Go to NCAA Eligibility Center Web site.
  • If it is your first time visiting the site, scroll down and under "Division I or II" click the "Create an Account" box.
  • Click on Create an Account, and enter your e-mail address.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and enter all required information to register.
  • There is a processing fee, so have a credit card ready with parents'/guardians’ permission
  • Next, official transcripts and test scores should be sent to the NCAA Eligibility Center. Please check with your high school(s) or the appropriate testing board to make sure they are sent. Test scores must be sent by the testing board.

NCAA Eligibility Center
P.O. Box 7136
Indianapolis, IN 46207

FYI: If, at the end of being processed, you are NOT a qualifier, you will not be allowed to practice, compete, receive athletically related financial aid or be affiliated with any athletically related activity for your first year of residence at Felician University

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Prospective student-athletes who wish to transfer to Felician are subject to Division-II transfer eligibility rules. The rules are different depending on whether you are transferring from a two-year junior college or a four-year institution. If you are enrolled at another four-year institution, or have been within the past year, Felician coaches and administrators are not allowed to have any contact with you unless you have a release (also know as a "permission to contact") from your four-year institution.

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Felician University Student-Athlete Handbook (.PDF)
NCAA Division II Compliance Manual (.PDF)
NCAA Banned Drugs List
Don't Bet On It



Representative of Athletics Interest (NCAA Bylaw 13.02.12)
A Representative of Athletics Interest (booster) is anyone who is known (or should be known) by a member of the institution’s executive or athletic administration to:

  • Participate in or have been a member of a sport support group or booster club.
  • Provide or have helped arrange employment for student-athletes or provided benefits to enrolled student-athletes.
  • Have been involved in the promotion of Felician University’s athletics program.
  • Participated as a varsity athlete at Felician University.
  • Make or have made a donation to Felician University athletics.

Note:  Once an individual is identified as a Representative of the Institution’s Athletics Interest, the person retains that identity forever.


As a representative of the institution's athletics interest, you are prohibited from(NCAA Bylaw 13)

  • Contacting a prospect in person on or off our campus.
  • Writing or telephoning a prospect or a member of the prospect’s family.
  • Making arrangements for a prospect or the prospect’s relatives or friends, to receive money or financial aid of any kind.
  • Providing transportation for a prospect or the prospect’s relatives or friends to visit our campus.
  • Providing free tickets or tickets at a reduced cost for prospects or the prospects relatives or friends to attend an athletic event.
  • Entertaining high school, prep school or community college coaches.

You are permitted to: (NCAA Bylaw 1.2.3)

  • Notify our coaches about prospects in your area that may be strong additions to our teams.
  • Attend high school or two-year college athletic contests or other events where prospects may compete; however, you may not contact the prospect or the prospect’s relatives.
  • Continue existing friendships with families of prospects, but you may not attempt to recruit the prospect.


In addition to regulating contact of our representative of athletics interest with prospects, the NCAA also regulates contact with current Felician student-athletes, as well as their relatives and friends.
An extra benefit is any special arrangement by an institutional employee or a representatives of athletics interest to provide a student-athlete, prospect, or their relatives or friends a benefit not expressly authorized by NCAA legislation.
In general, you may not provide a benefit that is not authorized by NCAA legislation or make special arrangements for student-athletes and prospective student-athletes that are not available to the general student population.
Examples of prohibited extra benefit not allowed by NCAA rules, but are not limited
to, are as follows
(NCAA Bylaw 16)

  • Providing cash or loans in any amount, or signing or co-signing for a loan.
  • Providing gifts of any kind, including birthday cards, gift cards and holiday gifts.
  • Providing special discounts for goods and services (e.g. car repairs, legal services, meals).
  • Providing free rent or reduced rent-housing.
  • Purchasing complimentary admissions from a student-athlete.
  • Providing an honorarium to a student-athlete for a speaking engagement.

As a representative of the institution’s athletics interest, you are permitted to(NCAA Bylaw 16)

  • Invite a student-athlete into your home for an occasional meal, but please coordinate such activity with the compliance office.
  • Make a donation to Felician athletics.
  • Provide summer employment for enrolled student-athletes

Additonal Resources

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Last updated 11/9/18