CACC "Courage Through Adversity" Series - Krystina Lorch, Softball

CACC "Courage Through Adversity" Series - Krystina Lorch, Softball

The Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference's Spring 2020 Feature Series is titled "Courage Through Adversity -- Stories of Heart and Character." 

The CACC will spotlight four student-athletes from each of its 14 member schools, through April, that have faced adversity and detail how they have overcome/are overcoming it. Felician University is the eighth insitution in the series to be featured.

Four Golden Falcons were chosen and asked to answer the following questions:

  • What was the adversity you dealt with?
  • How did you overcome it?
  • Who played a major role in helping you overcome your adversity?
  • What was the primary lesson you learned from overcoming your adversity?

Below is how Felician SOFTBALL sophomore infielder/outfielder Krystina Lorch (Hemet, Calif./West Valley) responded.


Courage Through Adversity - Krystina Lorch

Transcript: "My adversity involves living with macular edema as well as a severe cataract in my left eye. Macular edema is the inflammation of the retina that occurs from a damaged blood vessel leakage near the retina. Consistent care of my condition is needed to ensure that the minimal detail of vision I do have is maintained and my complete vision is not permanently lost in that eye. My cataract transpired from numerous medications to control many problems from the inflammation of the retina, and has worsened the minimal vision I have today.

Overcoming my adversity took time. I was first exposed to this condition at age 10. From then until now, my body has been able to adapt to having a "weaker" side. My right eye became more dominant. I do have a serious blind spot in my peripheral vision that makes everyday tasks, and playing softball, more difficult, but adjusting to it throughout the years has allowed my vision to seem "normal" to me through my right eye.

My support system has been very strong from the time I was diagnosed to this very day. Many members of my family, including my parents, grandparents and sister, were there for the surgery, and for the doctor's visits, tests, games and practices that followed. They all made sure I found the positives in my situation.

One lesson I have taken involved learning to value the challenges we are given and to thrive with them. Due to having this condition, I have met tremendous people, learned many things regarding the body and the potential that it holds, and become truly grateful for what I have and what I can do. We are on this Earth to be grateful for all of God's lessons, gifts and growth. Adversity is just a part of that.